April Forum

Many thanks to Melanie King and Jocelyn Bain Hogg for sharing their work and ideas at this month’s Forum. It was another full house and its great to see the photographic community coming together at the talks.

Jocelyn’s book ‘The Family’ is available to buy here - 'The Family'

The London Alternative Photography Collective can be found here - LAPC and the London Pinhole Festival takes place on the 25th-27th April.

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Photo-Forum talk: April 10th.

Speakers: Jocelyn Bain Hogg and Melanie King

Thursday 10th April. 6pm-8pm.

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For this Photo-Forum talk we host two practitioners from very different photographic realms. Jocelyn Bain Hogg needs no introduction, a force majeure in the photography community. His book projects, including the internationally acclaimed ‘The Firm’, trace our desires and aspirations in the so-called ‘First World’. Melanie King, an experimental photographer and researcher, will be speaking about her work using photograms, pinhole and electron microscope photography; and the work of the London Alternative Photography Collective she founded last year. 

Jocelyn Bain Hogg nearly ended up on the other side of the camera as an actor, instead he chose to wield the camera and is known for his unflinching portrayal of British life and class culture. A VII member and recent judge for the World Press Photo Contest; he is best known for his book projects including the formidable ‘The Firm’ “an intimate four year journey into the dark heart of violence documenting the British criminal underworld”, and the extensive ‘A British Entertainment’ exploring the modern version of the traditional British ‘season’.

Jocelyn will be speaking about his work past and present, including ‘Tired of London, Tired of Life’, a collaboration with artist Paul Davis and designer Henrietta Molinaro.  A personal view of city life in London through its denizens (the title derives from Samuel Johnson’s famous quotation from 1775 about the city  -  “..For when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life..” ). 

He says, “I’ve always found that looking at how people have fun is one of the best ways to find out how people live.” 

©Jocelyn Bain Hogg

Melanie King began experimenting with alternative photography techniques such as cyanotype, daguerreotype and silver gelatine emulsion during her MA at Central Saint Martins; This led to a project with MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit at Oxford University, which involved the use of an electron microscope and a combination of printing techniques.

Melanie founded the London Alternative Photography Collective in July 2013. LAPC holds three monthly artist talks, focusing on the materiality and accessibility of alternative photography processes and their context in Contemporary Photography and Fine Art. Melanie has curated exhibitions with LAPC, and is curating an upcoming exhibition for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day at Doomed Gallery, Dalston.

image ©Melanie King

March Forum

Many thanks to February’s speakers, Michael Kerstgens and Jason Larkin for sharing their work and ideas. 

Jason is exhibiting at Flowers gallery until the 29th March and you can purchase Michael’s book ‘Coal Not Dole’ HERE

We would also like to extend our thanks to Calumet for their support and to our fantastic audience, Photo-Forum is run for you and it’s great to see so many people actively engaged with the photo community.

The next Photo-Forum is on April 10th. Speakers will be announced soon, sign up to the newsletter (signup form to the right) and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for info. Your help spreading the word is appreciated.

Photo-Forum March 13th

Speakers Jason Larkin and Michael Kerstgens
Thursday 13th March. 6pm-8pm. Join the Facebook event Here

This March Photo-Forum hosts two photographers with projects exploring the subject of mining. Michael’s story comes from the 1984/5 miners strike in the UK and Jason’s from Johannesburg, the city ‘built on gold’. With very different approaches and resulting images, both photographers show how the land and its people are affected by our desire for the earth’s minerals. The resulting projects tell tales of the environmental, social and political impact of this industry both past and present.


Jason Larkin is a British photographer recognised for his desire to forefront the subjects on the periphery of current affairs. Soon after finishing his studies Larkin worked as a documentary photographer across the Middle East and Africa, with his work published worldwide. His latest body of work, Tales From The City Of Gold, has just been published both as a monograph in Europe and as a bilingual newspaper publication for Africa. The project is currently being exhibited at Flowers Gallery London.

Larkin is the recipient of numerous awards including most recently the PDN Arnold Newman New Portraiture Award and a Renaissance Photography Prize. His freely-distributed publication, Cairo Divided, was nominated for both the Deutsche Börse and Prix Pictet photography awards. Recent exhibitions include those at the Brighton Photo Biennial, Flowers Gallery, London and a solo show at Farnsworth Art Museum, USA. In 2013 he moved from Johannesburg and is now based in London.


Michael Kerstgens was born in Llanelli, South Wales in 1960. In 1965, he moved with his parents back to Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, where he grew up. Studying photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Michael has worked as a freelance photographer since 1988. From 1988 to 1991, he was a partner in the Essen-based photo agency Antrazit. He received the Imke Folkerts Prize for Fine Art in 2005 and the following year, was awarded a working grant by VG Bild-Kunst and appointed to the German Photographic Association (DGPh). In 2007, Michael Kerstgens became Professor of Documentary Photography at the Faculty of Design of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. 

His project ‘Coal not Dole’ was shot from the heart of the 1984/5 miners’ strike. After struggling to gain access to the story in Wales, Michael travelled to Yorkshire where he gained the trust of activists and went on to document the political movement and the everyday lives of the mining communities. A book of this work has just been published including new photographs of Yorkshire, nearly 30 years on.

Feb Photo-Forum

We would like to thank our February speakers, Matt Martin and Marc Vallée, for sharing their work and passion. Links to their work, zines and other endeavours can be found below.

Marc Vallée - Zines

Matt Martin - Website

The Photocopy club

We would also like to extend our thanks to Calumet for their support and to our fantastic audience, Photo-Forum is run for you and it’s great to see so many people actively engaged with the photo community.

On a less happy note, there was a bag theft from the pub after the talk. We would like to remind everyone that the pub is open to the public and to keep their belongings secure at all times.

The next Photo-Forum is on March 13th, speakers will be announced soon, sign up to the newsletter (signup form to the right) and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for info.

Photo-Forum February 13th

Speakers: Marc Vallée and Matt Martin

Thursday 13th February. 6pm-8pm. Join the Facebook event HERE

This February Photo-Forum plays host to two photographers who have garnered widespread attention in their work to document the lives directly around them: their family, their friends and the unique subcultures they inhabit. Both have achieved an enviable honesty to their images of youth culture, bred by their closeness to their subjects and their own histories in DIY and Punk backgrounds.

Through self publishing, collaborations and the curation of projects like The Photocopy Club” both Matt and Marc have worked to put images into the viewers’ hands rather than on their screens. In an interview with “Jerwood Visual Arts” Matt once stated, “I think in a way an image offline feels like it can live forever. The internet is not under our control but books and prints have and always will be cared for. Through books, photographers feel like once they are gone there images will keep them living on forever. I don’t think they feel the same about the images online. It’s too disposable”.


In 2010 Photographer, curator and publisher, Matt Martin set up camp in Brighton to work with photographer Kevin Mason, later moving on to become the curator at space @ Create Gallery and was the drive behind exhibitions with Ewen Spencer, Henrik Purienne and Chris Floyd. Around this time Matt also founded zine publishing company “Create Publishing”, and the popular Photocopy Club which has since been heavily featured around the world.

Matt has now moved on from Brighton and has taken on the role of  Curator at Doomed Gallery, London. He is currently working on photography and film for up and coming publications as well as zine and curation workshops.


Marc Vallée is a London-based documentary photographer whose work focuses on the London graffiti scene, anti-skateboarding architecture, youth culture and political dissent. Marc’s work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Marc will be speaking about his venture “Writers” - a long term project to document the London graffiti scene with a focus on the graffiti artists themselves. Marc will also be showing projects on defensible architecture and the privatisation public space plus speaking about self-publishing and finding new audiences.

In 2013 Marc collaborated with The Photocopy Club - the highlight being the hugely successfully XEROX AND DESTROY skateboarding show at the Doomed Gallery in east London.

Marc’s self-published photography zines are stocked by Foyles, Claire de Rouen Books, The Photographers’ Gallery and The Whitechapel Gallery.  Marc has a independent approach to publishing, rooted in the DIY punk zine culture. Marc is currently working on a new zine about political dissent plus Cafe Royal Books have asked him to do a book this year.

Photo-Forum is run by photographers as a venue for working photographers across the spectrum to bring images, ideas, photo stories and works in progress for supportive debate and criticism.

A raffle of prints from our speakers is held every month which not only helps to fund Photo-Forum but pays for snacks in the pub after as well the talk so please join us for a plate and a glass. The Photo-Forum raffle is
one of the best opportunities to own a print from one of today’s leading photographers without the gallery price tag!

January Photo-Forum

We would like to thank Jason Tilley and Jon Tonks for sharing their work and stories at the first Photo-Forum of 2014. Jon will be holding a book launch on 30th January, details and pre-launch copies can be found HERE

Thanks also to Calumet for continuing to donate the space and to the Photo-Forum community for embracing and engaging with our events.

The next talk will be on Feb 13th, join the mailing list to get all the details straight to your inbox.

Photo-Forum January 9th

Speakers: Jon Tonks and Jason Tilley

Thursday 9th Jan. 6pm-8pm. Join the Facebook event HERE

For the first Photo-Forum of 2014 we welcome two photographers finding inspiration in lands transformed by the British Empire. Jon Tonks will be speaking about his travels to the remaining outposts of the British Overseas Territories and Jason Tilley will speak about his work exploring his own family history in Colonial India.

image©Jon Tonks

Born in the West Midlands in 1981, Jon Tonks studied Product Design before turning to photography in 2005. Following a brief period as a staff photographer for a newspaper network in the Midlands, Jon left to study for an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication.

Since 2007 Jon has been voyaging to remote British Overseas Territories in the South Atlantic Ocean, exploring life on four remote islands that have been intertwined through history and are relics of the once formidable Empire. The islands include Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha, the Falkland Islands and St Helena.

Jon has photographed the people, landscapes and pockets of history embedded within each place, travelling 60,000 miles around the Atlantic via military outposts, low-lit airstrips and long voyages aboard cargo ships, fishing vessels and the last working Royal Mail Ship. This work has culminated in his first monograph ‘Empire’, published with Dewi Lewis Publishing.

image©Jason Tilley

Jason Tilley began his career as a photojournalist in 1987, going on to produce work for most of the national media outlets in the UK. Beginning with an emotional journey with his grandfather in 1999, Jason has been exploring his family history in India.

Tilley’s Anglo-Indian grandfather had been a press photographer for the Times of India newspaper and was also head of the Indian army’s photographic unit during WW2. Tilley grew up surrounded by images of pre-partition India, images that document the last days of British rule, these became the catalyst for ‘The Beautiful people project’.

"My family is Anglo-Indian. The ‘Anglo’s are descended from the employees, mainly men, who worked for the East India company. The Anglo Indians were part of the ethnic fabric of colonial India and were referred to in the days of Empire as India’s new caste. Their story has almost been forgotten."

As usual we will be holding a raffle which helps to fund not only Photo Forum itself but also the customary post-talk drinks gathering at The Crown and Anchor, Drummond Street (if you don’t know the way, grab an admin to lead you).

Spaces are limited so arrive on time to be sure you get a seat!


It’s been a great year for Photo-Forum with some brilliant speakers and really good audiences. And the pub eat/drink/natter sessions have been pretty good too!

With Christmas being such a busy time we’ve decided that we’ll not hold the planned party and exhibition after all. There are two other interesting events on the same night - the MA photojournalism & documentary show at LCC and the members show at Photofusion. We don’t want to split the audiences unnecessarily so why not come along to one of these? That’s what the PF team will be doing!

Thank you all for your support over the year and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at first show of 2014 on 9th January.

Have a great holiday!

All best wishes from the Photo- Forum team!

Photo-Forum November 14th

Speakers: Sara Lewkowicz and Magda Rakita

Thursday 14th November. 6pm-8pm. Join the Facebook event HERE

Recently catapulted into the photojournalism limelight with her highly acclaimed, and much debated, story on domestic violence and post-prison reintegration “Shane and Maggie”, Sara Lewkowicz will join Photo-Forum this November to share her story with us.

A native New Yorker, pursuing a master’s degree in visual communication from Ohio University in Athens, her work has been published in Time Magazine, Stern, Das Magazin, Internatzionale, The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, and numerous other publications. Sara is the 2013 winner of the Alexia Student Grant, the Remi Ochlik Award, the Luceo Student Project Grant, the Fotovisura Spotlight Grant, and the American Photographic Artists Educational Grant, and has been recognized by the White House News Photographers Association. She has attended numerous workshops for visual journalism, including the Eddie Adams Workshop XXV. She has a particular interest in documenting gender and sexuality issues. Sara is currently studying in London with Syracuse University.


©Sara Lewkowicz

Also joining us, fresh from the coveted Ian Parry Scholarship awards, where she earned a “Highly Commended” accolade for her project documenting the next generation of girls and women growing up in post war Liberia, is documentary photographer Magda Rakita.

Beginning her career in photography with images in travel and storytelling, the evolution into covering humanitarian efforts, development and how change can be stimulated by images was a natural one for Magda. Magda has worked on projects with numerous NGOs including Save the Children UK, Seeds of Peace UK, The Aids Support Organisation and African Youth Initiative in Uganda and Survival International. As well as her work in humanitarian documentary, Magda has completed several self-initiated projects with a focus on health and social issues.


©Magda Rakita

Spaces are limited so arrive on time to be sure you get a seat!

As usual we will be holding a raffle which helps to fund not only Photo Forum itself but also the customary post-talk drinks gathering at The Crown and Anchor, Drummond Street (if you don’t know the way, grab an admin to lead you).