Photo-Forum September 11th

Speakers Noela Roibás and Daniel Regan

Thursday 11th September. 6pm-8pm. Join the Facebook event

For Septembers talk Photo-Forum welcomes two photographers exploring themes of psychology and mental health. Approaching the subject from differing starting points, their work is an ongoing journey exploring their own experiences and the lives of those around them.

image©Noela Roibás

Noela Roibás was born in Galicia (Spain) in 1985, and is now currently based in London. Her photography focuses on family issues, mental health and dependence.

Noela will be showing her project ‘IRMÁ’ which tells the story of her relationship with her sister Sara, who has Cri du Chat syndrome. She says: 

"My IRMÁ project started by chance around 16 years ago when I got my first camera, and photography became the motor of the relationship between my younger sister and me. “Model and photographer” was our favorite game. During 2013 whist studying for the MA and immersed in a personal and emotional maelstrom, weary to escape I decided to go home and face the reality that was always mine, the need to understand, accept and grow up made us replay our childhood game.

image©Daniel Regan

Daniel Regan’s photography often focuses on themes of recovery, psychology and mental health. His portraits with the charity Alopecia UK (“The Alopecia Project”) have helped raise the profile of those affected by alopecia and challenge our notions of what beauty is.

Daniel has also worked with burns survivors through The Katie Piper Foundation and in 2013 he finished his MA with the project Insula, which addressed his own use of photography as a tool for recovery from a chronic mental health condition.

As always, Photo-Forum will hold a raffle with prizes that include prints from the speakers, join us for the talk and the customary post forum drinks and socialising.

August Photo-Forum

Many thanks to all involved in another successful photo-forum.

You can view more of David Severn’s work documenting the people and places linked to our industrial past at - David Severn

Portrait Salon is open for submissions until September 21st so please spread the word that they would like to see any and all of the images rejected by the Taylor Wessing.

James O Jenkins own work can be found at and details of the Welsh collective at - A Fine Beginning

One of the key issues raised in our discussion was the unfair terms of some photo competitions, The Artists’Bill of Rights is a great resource to check any competition you are planing on entering. 

All can be found on Twitter so please do say hello.

@photoforumuk @davidsevern @portrait_salon @JamesOJenkins @afinebeginning And your Forum hosts @travishodgesuk @HelenRimell @MMP_Photography

Finally, many thanks to Metro for their support, to Calumet for giving us the space and time for the talks and to you the Photo-Forum audience, we hope to see you all next month.

Photo-Forum Thursday 14th August

Thursday 14th August. 6pm-8pm.
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With the annual pilgrimage to Elephant and Castle to deliver Taylor Wessing entries over for another year, we have decided to focus this months talk on photographic competitions. We have invited 3 people from different areas of the industry to share their thoughts on entering competitions and the judging process.

Photographer David Severn will share his recent work before being joined for a group discussion by James O Jenkins, photographer and co-founder of Portrait Salon, and Steve Macleod, Director of Metro and judge on awards including the 2013 Terry O’Neil awards. We will take questions on the night but would like to preselect a few so if you have a question please email

David Severn is a documentary photographer based in Nottingham, UK. His work is concerned with the relationship between people and place. More specifically, how individuals and communities interact with or are affected by their environment. Within this context, he is particularly interested in working class culture and the places associated with it, both historically and today.

David will be showing his ‘Thanks Maggie’ project, a series of photographs exploring the ecological restoration and reinvented social uses of ex colliery land in and around the former coal mining stronghold of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Today, these sites are unique and peculiar spaces often still retaining signs of their industrial past. However, the once polluted land has now largely been given back to nature, establishing new environments for rural pursuits such as rambling, foraging, nature watching and even hunting. 

image© David Severn

July Photo-Forum

A huge thank you to our speakers, Anastasia Taylor-Lind and Poulomi Basu, for sharing their work, inspiration and motivations.

Special thank you to Jess Crombie for hosting the discussion and asking all  the right questions.

See more of the photographers work on the links below along with details of Anastasia’s book launch on the 24th July.

Poulomi Basu

Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Maidan - Portraits from the Black Square. Book launch. Preorder.

If you would like to hear more about the project, Anastasia is speaking about ‘Maidan’ at The Frontline Club on Wednesday 23rd - Link


Instagrams of the discussion and raffle winner receiving his prize from Anastasia.

Photo-Forum talk: Monday July 14th.

Speakers: Anastasia Taylor-Lind and Poulomi Basu

Monday 14th July. 6pm-8pm.
Calumet, 93-103 Drummond st, London. NW1 2HJ. Nearest tube, Euston. 
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July Photo-Forum will be on Monday the 14th, thats MONDAY 14th July!

We are very happy to announce that July’s talk will feature not one but two VII photographers along with Jess Crombie, Head of Film and Photography at Save the Children.

Poulomi Basu, currently on the VII Photo Mentor Program, will be speaking about her personal project “To Conquer Her Land” and her current developing projects, along with her experiences working with international media and humanitarian organisations. Anastasia Taylor-Lind, a VII agency member and internationally recognised documentary photographer, will be sharing her work from around the world including her first book “MAIDAN - Portraits from the Black Square” which is being published by GOST this month.

After the photographers share their work, Jess will host a discussion focusing on how they balance personal projects with assignments and how you make a living as a photographer. Bring your questions, thoughts and ideas and remember…Photo-Forum is on MONDAY 14th! We will return to our usual Thursday spot for August.

image©Poulomi Basu

image©Anastasia Taylor-Lind

June Forum

Many thanks to June’s wonderful speakers, Briony Campbell and Niall McDiarmid. We look forward to seeing the next stages of ‘Crossing Paths’ and ‘Britain Loves Africa’.

Their websites can be found at :

Briony Campbell

Niall McDiarmid

The last few copies of ‘Crossing Paths’ are available at - Crossing Paths

The next Photo-Forum is on July 14th. Speakers will be announced soon, sign up to the newsletter & connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for more info. Your help spreading the word is appreciated.

Photo-Forum talk: June 12th.

Speakers: Niall McDiarmid and Briony Campbell

Thursday 12th June. 6pm-8pm.
Calumet, 93-103 Drummond st, London. NW1 2HJ. Nearest tube, Euston. 
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Join Photo-Forum on June 12th as we play host to Niall McDiarmid and Briony Campbell, two photographers whose imagery beautifully captures the intricacies of a diverse and complex British nation.

Working as an editorial photographer for newspapers, magazines and book publishers in the UK and US for more than 20 years, Scottish photographer Niall McDiarmid’s focus is primarily on documenting Britain and his work has been published and exhibited widely.

Niall will be joining us to talk about how his acclaimed project “Crossing Paths” came about and his interest in documenting Britain over the last four years, the highs and lows of producing this body of work and where the project is heading in the future.


©Niall McDiarmid

Briony Campbell is a freelance documentary photographer based in London, her home town. Having graduated from London College of Communication’s MA in documentary photography with distinction in 2009, Briony is recognised for her sensitive yet playful imagery and her ability to capture the subtleties of relationships.

In 2009 Briony made ‘The Dad Project’; the story of losing her dad to cancer. The process of making this work, as well as the public response to it, became a formative chapter for her personally and professionally. The Project was exhibited, published and awarded internationally. Briony’s work has been published in such publications as the UK’s Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Financial Times, Spain’s El Mundo and Germany’s Die Zeit. Recent clients include London’s Southbank Centre, The Photographer’s Gallery and The National Health Service.

Briony is currently working on a long term project about Britain’s contemporary relationship with Africa, through the lives of mixed nationality couples in East Africa.


©Briony Campbell

Photo-Forum talk: May 8th.

Speakers: Anders Birger and Laura Saunders

Thursday 8th May. 6pm-8pm.

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This May, we are pleased to welcome LCC MAPJD alumni, Anders Birger and Laura Saunders to Photo-Forum. Both Anders and Laura focus their craft on promoting conversation by highlight issues, with each adopting unique approaches to investigating the impact of conflict on communities.
London based photographer Anders Birger, in his own words, “works on curiosity” with his subjects being areas unknown to him. In the Autumn of 2011, Anders travelled to Damascus to document the early stages of the Syrian uprising. He found a people in fear of both their own government and of foreign intervention. His project “This Damn Weather” attempts to capture that fear and explore the modern theatre of war. In a reality shaped by a digital battlefield, the roles played out are not always clear. Anders will be sharing with us how he works with the idea of photography as a communicative tool and new ways of communicating war and conflict.

image©Anders Birger

Working in the documentary tradition as a photographer, writer, filmmaker and archivist for nearly a decade, Laura Saunders has built her projects on exploring how stories can engage conversation. Much of her work has focused on issues of migration and the impact of forced displacement both on individuals and the many communities being transformed by conflict. 

image©Laura Saunders

Photo-Forum is run by photographers as a venue for working photographers across the spectrum to bring images, ideas, photo stories and work in progress for supportive debate and criticism. We hold a raffle for prints from our speakers, the raffle funds Photo-Forum and covers the cost for food in the pub after the talk so please join us for a few snacks and a pint or two. The Photo-Forum raffle is a great opportunity to own a print from one of today’s leading photographers.

Our grateful thanks go to Calumet who have generously sponsored our venue.

April Forum

Many thanks to Melanie King and Jocelyn Bain Hogg for sharing their work and ideas at this month’s Forum. It was another full house and its great to see the photographic community coming together at the talks.

Jocelyn’s book ‘The Family’ is available to buy here - 'The Family'

The London Alternative Photography Collective can be found here - LAPC and the London Pinhole Festival takes place on the 25th-27th April.

The next Photo-Forum is on May 8th. Speakers will be announced soon, sign up to the newsletter (signup form to the right) and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for info. Your help spreading the word is appreciated.

Photo-Forum talk: April 10th.

Speakers: Jocelyn Bain Hogg and Melanie King

Thursday 10th April. 6pm-8pm.

Join the Facebook event HERE. Please help us spread the word by clicking the ‘invite friends’ button and by sharing the event. 

For this Photo-Forum talk we host two practitioners from very different photographic realms. Jocelyn Bain Hogg needs no introduction, a force majeure in the photography community. His book projects, including the internationally acclaimed ‘The Firm’, trace our desires and aspirations in the so-called ‘First World’. Melanie King, an experimental photographer and researcher, will be speaking about her work using photograms, pinhole and electron microscope photography; and the work of the London Alternative Photography Collective she founded last year. 

Jocelyn Bain Hogg nearly ended up on the other side of the camera as an actor, instead he chose to wield the camera and is known for his unflinching portrayal of British life and class culture. A VII member and recent judge for the World Press Photo Contest; he is best known for his book projects including the formidable ‘The Firm’ “an intimate four year journey into the dark heart of violence documenting the British criminal underworld”, and the extensive ‘A British Entertainment’ exploring the modern version of the traditional British ‘season’.

Jocelyn will be speaking about his work past and present, including ‘Tired of London, Tired of Life’, a collaboration with artist Paul Davis and designer Henrietta Molinaro.  A personal view of city life in London through its denizens (the title derives from Samuel Johnson’s famous quotation from 1775 about the city  -  “..For when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life..” ). 

He says, “I’ve always found that looking at how people have fun is one of the best ways to find out how people live.” 

©Jocelyn Bain Hogg

Melanie King began experimenting with alternative photography techniques such as cyanotype, daguerreotype and silver gelatine emulsion during her MA at Central Saint Martins; This led to a project with MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit at Oxford University, which involved the use of an electron microscope and a combination of printing techniques.

Melanie founded the London Alternative Photography Collective in July 2013. LAPC holds three monthly artist talks, focusing on the materiality and accessibility of alternative photography processes and their context in Contemporary Photography and Fine Art. Melanie has curated exhibitions with LAPC, and is curating an upcoming exhibition for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day at Doomed Gallery, Dalston.

image ©Melanie King